Our Model

ASI’s Model

The Afghan Scholars Initiative serves as a bridge between progressive educational institutions and talented young Afghans. These bright and driven young Afghans envision a different future for their country. The only thing they lack is the opportunity. ASI has found a way to connect our hand-selected scholars with visionary institutions that seek to impact the world and offer their students an eye-opening educational experience.

The model is categorized into three stages.

Stage One – Identify and Prepare:

  1. Selection:
  •  ASI believes that students are more than just their grades, which is why we use a network of trusted recommendations from NGOs and local academies to help us find young Afghans of exceptional ambition to enter our tutorial program. These students have demonstrated intelligence, drive, and, among other things, a desire to create lasting change. While ASI mainly works with local partners in Afghanistan to select the students for the tutorial program, qualified candidates can reach us via our website as well.
  1. Preparation:
  •  ASI’s year-long, one-on-one tutorial program focuses on the prospective scholars’ English fluency, critical thinking, and communication skills. ASI also monitors their volunteer and community service activities.

Stage Two – Build the Foundation:

  1. Rigorous Academic Experience:
  • ASI partners with some of the world’s best secondary schools to give our scholars a solid academic foundation that they need to become effective leaders. Learning at progressive secondary schools not only gives them the tools to think independently, but also provides them with a network of friends whom they can rely on throughout their journeys as they impact positive change.
  1. Leadership Development Program
  • The LDP is one of the three broader programmatic elements of the Afghan Scholars Initiative: Academic, Leadership, and International Understanding. The LDP consists of three primary components – personal development through team leadership immersion, applied leadership and mentoring.
  1. International Experience
  • Compassion through international understanding, social justice and community pluralism are some of ASI’s core values. Living and learning in an international environment exposes Afghan Scholars to different views, broadens their perspectives, raises their level of awareness of world issues, and changes their attitudes.

Stage Three – Let Their Journey Unfold:

  • ASI has a long term view of leadership development. Equipping scholars with a world class education, a strong sense of civic responsibility and a vast network of colleagues and allies is the beginning of their journey. Afghan Scholars will utilize these tools to define their personal values and to find their passions, and pay it forward.